Starplex® Amies Charcoal Swab

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Starswabs II® Specimen Collection and Transport Systems Starplex - Sterile, ready to use units for the collection and transport of bacteriological specimens.

Both Amies provide excellent environments for the survival of anaerobes through the complete immersion of the swabs into the gel and by the presence of the reducing agent sodium thioglycollate. Shelf life is 24 months. Amies Clear is a modified Amies gel that provides excellent survival for a wide range of bacteria and is compatible with gram stain. Amies Charcoal enhances the survival of fastidious organisms by neutralizing any toxins that may be present in the specimen.
Modified Liquid Stuart's provide excellent recovery in routine bacteriology and are compatible with gram stain and many rapid screening methods. Shelf life is 18 months.
Swab length is 15.2cm (6") except 14216-282 which is 10cm (315/16") long. Color-coded cap with protective overskirt. Cap rings ensure containment of biohazardous material. Tube label shows code, lot number, and expiration date. Thick tube wall protects medium from dehydration. Spiral media chamber keeps sample immersed and protected during transport. Round-bottom tube for easy racking. Seamless molding ensures tube strength and integrity. Rayon swab tip is inert, non-toxic, and permits good sample retrieval and absorption.
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