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Vanilla Flavour Powder

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  • Infrared Thermometer

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  • Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • Fingertip Pulse Oximeter

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  • Sugar Test Machine

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Technologist Choice™ Nitrile Medical Exam Gloves

  • Offers greater chemical resistance than vinyl and latex gloves.
  • Made with 100% premium nitrile and Ideal for those with latex allergies.
  • Cuffs are beaded to prevent rolling back and tearing
  • PRI·MED® ASTM Level 3 Masks

    The PRIMED Procedure Earloop Face Mask protects from the spread of potentially harmful droplets generated by symptomatic individuals, as well as protects both the patient and clinician from fluids and particles generated during medical procedures.

  • Mepilex® Border

    Mepilex® Border is a self-adherent foam dressing with advanced fluid handling capabilities, dynamic permeability and all the advantages of Safetac® soft silicone technology.

  • Thickenup® Instant Food Thickener

    For people with swallowing problems, receiving proper nutrition is very important. Consuming regular foods and liquids may be difficult for someone with swallowing problems, so using a thickener to change the texture of foods and drinks may be necessary.

  • TENA® Overnight™ Super Protective Underwear

    TENA Overnight Super absorbency protective underwear protects against heavy bladder leaks and surges day and night, keeping the wearer dry and confident.

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Supporting Your Healthcare Needs Holistically

At Ontario Medical Supply (OMS), we strive to provide quality medical supplies and healthcare services. From consultations and custom fittings, to repair and support, to special programs and educational seminars; our services seamlessly align with your needs, and all are executed with meticulous care.

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